Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Can you handle the cute? 3D Purse Project

I love this latest project, a 3D purse complete with movable handle and velcro closure that you can use as a gift bag or as a goodie bag at a party.

I also decided to try a different background on the preview picture, so I took the purse outside and was taking pictures of it on the stone wall in our backyard when our neighbor came out onto his deck. I'm sure he thought I was crazy sitting on the wet grass with my zoom lens taking picture after picture of a pink paper purse, but c'est la vie! I like the way the picture turned out, what do you think? The purse is available for just 99 cents in the store.

The cutting files and assembly instructions for the cutting file are available for just $0.99, click on the preview above to purchase.


  1. Gorgeous detail and a lovely file! I like the outdoor shot too! Thanks for all you do!

  2. Just Adorable, thanks! Love it!

  3. cute purse. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gorgeous! I've made 2 of these since late last night. No housework for me, too busy scrappin! I linked to you so folks can get the file from you. Thanks for your generosity in sharing your awesome files with us!

    SassyLady Lisa



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