Thursday, January 13, 2011

Designing Cards with Make the Cut!

I'm a big card maker (I got into making cards after I switched from paper to digital scrapping, because I missed the hands-on aspect of paper and embellishments) and now that I've found Make the Cut! it has become an indispensable part of my card making process.

When I'm getting a file ready to cut in Make the Cut!, it's obviously pretty important to get the sizes right for the card I'm making. And although I don't usually cut the card base itself in Make the Cut! unless it's shaped, I've found that it is really helpful to design my card onscreen as I've shown below. This helps me to get the size and placement of the image(s) I'm actually cutting just the way I want them.

Once I'm happy with the way the design looks, I just turn the visibility off for the layers I don't need to cut (in this case the two outer rectangles) and cut my image(s).

Stay tuned for some pics of the card and how I made it tomorrow.


  1. I learned how to do this by accident on my very first card. Still had to make an adjustment but figured out how to make it work. I am looking forward on seeing your tutorial on it. it will probably cut out a bunch of the steps i took.

  2. Neat idea, I was doing that on my Gypsy, but am using MTC more & more fir cutting, never thought I can design with it also! Many Thsnks!!



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