Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Surprises in unexpected places

I admit it, sometimes it doesn't take much to make me happy. Especially when I make a great crafting find in an unexpected place.  That happened to me this week in the stationary store, but before I tell you what I found, a little background.

If you visit this blog regularly, you already know that I love designing purses and boxes that you can open and close to hide treasures inside.  Typically I use velcro dots to hold them closed, but I've found that I usually need to cut the dot to make it small enough to suit my liking (gumming up my scissors in the process), and in many cases it takes a bit of effort to rip the two velcro bits apart once they're attached to the project. Sometimes I end up bending the paper, which does not make me happy.

So I've been looking for a good alternative, and found some magnetic dots at my local Michael's (roughly $6 for a package of about 20 dots) a couple weeks ago.  They're pretty good, but again they're too big for most of my projects, and they're thick and not easy to cut.

So imagine my delight when I came across this at the stationary store a couple days ago, purely by accident:

It's a roll of several feet of magnetic tape, I didn't even know such a thing existed!  It cost about $6 for the roll, same as the aforementioned magnetic dots, and after careful calculation I figure it should last me roughly forever, with the amount I need to use on each project.  

The beauty of this stuff is it's thin, so it's easy to cut into any size I need (the little black rectangle in the picture is a little piece I cut off the roll). It doesn't gum up my scissors when I cut it, and the magnetic pull is strong enough to hold paper together but yet snaps apart very easily too!

You can definitely to see this stuff in my assembly instructions from now on!


  1. What Stationary store...was it a local one or chain?? I would love to get a roll of this :)

  2. I love Magnetic tape! Your local Michael's also has it. Happy Crafting!

  3. You can also use the business card magnets! You can buy them at Walmart, Staples,etc There's adhesive on one side and cuts like butter!! :)

  4. U can order this from Xyron in a dispenser too. Really good deal for the money. So glad you found something you like and easier to use.

  5. I think the super Walmarts have it as well. I'll have to try this to see how it works, as I too make paper purse and boxes that need something to keep them closed. Thanks for the tip

    Happy Crafting everyone



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