Video Tutorials

I have three types of video tutorials available. The first is the Make the Cut! Basics Tutorial Series, designed for people who are new to MTC to help them find their way around the software and learn the basics.

When you're comfortable with the software, you can move to the Make the Cut! Projects Tutorial Series. These tutorials teach you how to use the tools in MTC to create your own unique projects.

Finally, the Creative Techniques Tutorial Series shows you live demonstrations of how to use the items you've cut, whether it's how to create a particular type of card or how to put a box or bag together or many other project ideas.

Make the Cut! Basics Tutorial Series
Creating Nested Shapes (Version 4.3)
Welding and Joining Objects (Version 3.2)
How to Make a Lattice Frame (Version 3.2)
Wrapping Text to Shapes (Version 3.2)
Using Basic Shapes (Version 3.2)
Cutting with Lettering Delights SVG Files (Version 3.0)
Creating an Open Line in Make the Cut! (using Version 3.0)
Customizing Your Visual Mat in Make the Cut! (Version 2.3.2)
Using the Library in Make the Cut!
Resizing, Rotating and Skewing Shapes in Make the Cut!
Designing with Text and Fonts in Make the Cut!
Using SVG Files in Make the Cut!

Make the Cut! Projects Tutorial Series
How to Turn Cutting Files into Shaped Greeting Cards
How to Turn Lettering Delight Graphics into MTC Cutting Files
How to Make a Wedding Cake in Make the Cut!
Building a Ladybug in Make the Cut!
Creating Slot and Tab Closures in Make the Cut!
Designing Custom Word Window Cards in Make the Cut!

Creative Techniques Tutorial Series
How to Make Layered Dimensional Flowers 
Making Shaped Albums
Basic Cardmaking Part 2
Basic Cardmaking Part 1
Quick and Easy Gift Basket
How to Make an Easel Card

New tutorials will be added on a regular basis. I hope you enjoy the tutorials, and if you have any requests, please leave me a comment.  Thanks!


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